#thefirmtribe Celebrates Women’s History Month: Gloria Perez!

This month we’re celebrating all the strong, smart, and inspiring women in our crew! One of those women is Gloria Perez. Gloria is the President and CEO of the Jeremiah Program, if you haven’t heard of it we highly recommend reading up. She has been doing incredible inspiring work there. When Gloria isn’t working, she is over at […]

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#thefirmtribe Celebrates Women’s History Month: Julie Gilbert!

Happy International Women’s Day #thefirmtribe! Over here on 2nd Ave, we have a lot of strong women in our crew. Every class is chalk full of women made up of grit, determination, and are major sources of inspiration for each of us! One of those women is Julie Gilbert. Julie continually inspires us, and we are so lucky to have […]

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Meet #thefirmtribe’s badass of the week: Maria Kamenska!

People come here for the workout, and they stay for the community. We are incredibly blessed to have AMAZING people in our crew. One of those people is Maria, our badass of the week! Maria crushes in the cycle boutique, and has fast become a staple around here on 2nd ave. We have so much love for Maria, […]

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#thefirmtribe Celebrates Black History Month Part 1: Teri McLean!

Over here on 2nd ave the fabric of who we are is made up of two main ingredients, love and diversity. From the moment we started 31 years ago our founders broke the mold. We wanted to honor that by celebrating Black History Month with two highlights, starting with one of our founders, Teri Mclean […]

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Meet #thefirmtribe’s Badass Of The Week: Kyle Ohleman!

If you’ve been in the Firm FIT program, or into our personal training boutique odds are you know our badass of the week, Kyle! Kyle is an amazing member of our personal training staff, who also trains small groups during our 8 Week FIT program. Kyle designs personal training sessions that keep you getting stronger […]

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#thefirmtribe’s Love Edition 3 (2018): Ben and Ted!

Today is a day that is all about LOVE, and over here at The Firm LOVE is a key ingredient to everything we do. As we celebrate today, it seemed fitting to bring you our third and final love edition of 2018, Ben and Ted! TODAY, Valentine’s Day, is Ben and Ted’s 13th anniversary the […]

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#thefirmtribe’s Love Edition 2 (2018): Gina and Anne!

For our second edition of our Love series we interviewed Gina and Anne! They let us in on their secret to almost 9 years of partnership, and talk about how working out has played a key role in their relationship! Read on for their full interview. 1/ We know, it’s cliche, but how do you […]

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