Athletic Performance Training – APT

Bam! You Just Got Smarter!

We know how hard you guys work in classes at The Firm. You know how hard you work in classes and now we want you to work smarter and see the difference. We are not just dancing around in our underpants… well, except for Doug. We want you to see the changes in your body that you want, burn fat, build muscle and move better. We are transforming Exercise into Training and that is why we invented APT or Athletic Performance Training.

Methodology –
Use “Interval Progression”, “High Intensity Interval Training” (HITT) and “TABATA” formats to train at 80%-91% max heart rate (MHR) levels with key moments dedicated to reach 92%+ max heart rate. This will trigger an adaptive response that maximizes fat burn while increasing lean muscle. Additionally, this will leverage the benefits of “Excess Post Workout Oxygen Consumption” (EPOC), which causes the body to burn calories at elevated levels up to 36 hours after the workout.

Rowing Machines, Kettlebells, TRX, Dumbbells, Parallel Bars, Medicine balls, bench press benches, Boxes, Ab mats, ropes, fit balls, bands etc.

Firm Factor™ technology is used in the Athletic Performance Training (APT) class.
Firm factor™ technology leverages Heart Rate Zone training to display and capture workout exertion levels. Information from each heart rate monitor is captured for the entire duration of the workout. Heart rate zones are displayed in real-time in the workout room, and a summary report of the entire workout is emailed out to each individual. The report includes your Firm factor™ score, calories burned, max heart rate and chart of time spent in each heart rate zone.

Benefits of Firm factor™
• Visually see your exertion level
• Creates structure and accountability
• Provides information so you can measure your performance
• Enables you to set goals and achieve results
• Leverages encouragement and motivation from the community

Look for it. It’s gonna change the shape of your body. Bam! You just Got Smarter.


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