Meet #thefirmtribe badass(es) of the week: Molly, Kate and Jenna!

Our blizzard bowl team coverage continues with our badasses of the week from #thefirmcrossfit Molly, Kate and Jenna! They crushed it at the competition in January, and repp’ed #thefirmtribe ladies like the bosses they are! Their badassery inspires us on the daily, check out their interview below!

1/ What brought you to the firm for the first time, and what was that visit like?

Molly: I started coaching at the firm about 3 years ago!  I heard they were looking for coaches and decided to try out a class to see if the community was a fit.  The community was great so I started coaching!

Jenna: I had a lot of friends at the firm so I decided to try. I loved it!! I tried other gyms throughout the years but came back to the Firm!

Kate: There was a crossfit Groupon going on at the time and I had wanted to try crossfit for a while and the gym was really close to my work so I gave it a shot.  And now it’s the longest relationship I’ve been in :-). It was a great first visit mainly because Peter Spitsnogle was my first interaction and he’s just a bundle of awesomeness.

2/ What brought you into #thefirmcrossfit?

Molly: My love of teaching CrossFit to others

Jenna: I was doing small group training with Somer and she pushed me to try crossfit. I’ve never turned back.

Kate: I gotta give credit to my cheapness and seeing a Groupon for crossift that brought me there but it’s the people that have kept me there.

3/ What was your training regime like for the Blizzard Bowl?

Molly: Delivering a baby 😉

Jenna: Nothing outside of the usual classes. Our programming (created by Lindsay Siolka) is amazing and she knew exactly what we needed leading up to the event. 

Kate: Training was just a continuation of my goal to make it to crossfit at least 4 or 5 times a week and then we sprinkled in a few practices for the specific workouts that were posted prior to the competition. 

4/ During the competition, how did you stay on your game?

Molly: I stayed on my game by having fun with Kate and Jenna.  Both great competitors but even better teammates.  Each of these ladies was positive and worked hard!

Jenna: By the dozens of fans that came out to cheer all of us on! It was great to have the support of the Firm there!

Kate: Those that know me know that I tend to like to socialize so to “stay on my game” I just continued to surround myself around all the other Firm athletes and friends that were there.  It energizes me to be around people so that kept me going through the day.

5/ If you could tell someone one thing about The Firm, what would it be?

Molly: The Firm is a great place to feel loved and get your exercise in.  Each person genuinely cares about your successes.  

Jenna: It truly is a community!

Kate: Get the Low Fat Kiki for a shake but make sure to add peanut butter :-). 

You ROCK ladies! Thank you for being a radical part of our crew!


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