#thefirmtribe Celebrates Women’s History Month: Lindsay Siolka

This month we celebrate the strong, smart, and inspiring women that run in our crew. If you’ve ever been in the doors over here on 2nd Ave you have come in contact with our badass squad of ladies that are here everyday. One of those ladies is our CrossFit boutique director Lindsay Siolka. Lindsay is constantly pushing her edge in the CrossFit box, and she is the proud mama bear to all the athletes in that box. Lindsay is a public defender by day, and athlete by morning and night. She continually inspires all of US to push our line of badassery. Read her interview below!

1/ Can you tell us a bit about your path and how you landed here at the Firm, in Minneapolis?

-I have always been active. I grew up doing studio dance (tap/jazz) and also was an avid show team water skier. I could water ski before I could ride a bike… Think Tommy Bartlet’s.  All through Junior High and High School, I was on the dance team and ran track (was a sprinter, my event was the 100m hurdles) – I also started lifting weights  then. I was active all through college and then when I was in law school I fell in love with Core Power Yoga (C2 and Yoga Sculpt). When that wasn’t quite enough, I googled “Best Spin Class in Minneapolis” and the Firm came up. I had my first Spin class with Brad Wagner and was hooked. A few weeks later, Spencer, a former Firm CrossFit instructor, convinced me to get start doing CrossFit, then the rest is history. That was six years ago!


2/ What inspired you to be a part of the fitness community?

-I more or less fell into it. Fitness has always been a part of my life. I’m a big believer in life long fitness and self-improvement through movement. Two and a half years ago, The Firm asked if I was interested in becoming the CrossFit Director and given my love and commitment to the program, I happily agreed to take that position on in addition to my day job as an attorney with the Hennepin County Public Defender’s Office.

3/ As we celebrate women’s history month this month, what women have you looked to as mentors?

-Not so much mentors but certain women have inspired me over the years to keep working and breaking barriers: Hillary Clinton, Gloria Steinem, gymnast Simone Biles, and Ronda Rousey.

4/ How have those mentors influenced where you are today?

-All of those women have worked in one way or another to redefine how society views women. Women can be athletes, politicians, business owners, MMA Fighters, the list is endless! We, as women, are constantly redefining gender roles in society, breaking stereotypes and pushing the limits of our own strength. Our potential is limitless and we keep pushing the boundaries out further.  Just watch the CrossFit Games or the Olympics! Toughness knows no gender! These women motivate me to keep pushing – to be an ardent and zealous attorney, a motivated coach, a disciplined athlete and a passionate CrossFit Gym Manager.

5/ What continues to keep you inspired?

-My Athletes. As a CrossFit coach, I have an awesome opportunity to help athletes get better, stronger and faster. And by doing that, I get to help my athletes build confidence in themselves which goes far beyond the walls of the CrossFit room. I love watching my athletes work towards their goals, overcome obstacles and get out of their comfort zone. We’re not just getting people in shape, we’re building better humans!

6/ What is one thing you want everyone to know about you?

-I secretly want to be a Jedi from Star Wars… May the Force Be With You!

We LOVE you Lindsay! Thanks for being such a badass part of our crew!


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