Meet #thefirmtribe’s badass(es) of the week: Bradley Traynor, Kenny Hines and Thu Danh!

If you’ve walked into #thefirmcrossfit box, you know it’s been on fire this year. Our crew crushes it everyday, and back in January they crushed the Blizzard Bowl. In our last Blizzard Bowl ’17 team highlight we have our powerhouse fourth team, Kenny, Bradley and Thu. In their interview they let us in on their training secrets, and what kept them motivated in the competition! Check it out below.

1/ What brought you to the firm for the first time, and what was that visit like?

Thu: I had relocated to the Twin Cities for work and was looking for a Crossfit box. I had been doing Crossfit for about 2 and a half years and wanted to continue that but was also looking to reintroduce yoga into my active recovery days; however, finding a box that offered yoga as well was difficult. I personally did not want to pay for two memberships. I didn’t know anyone prior to moving to the Twin Cities, but being type A, I did my research on Crossfit boxes and stumbled on The Firm, read the reviews and found that not only was Crossfit offered but also yoga, spin, and an open gym. I decided to do my free week; trying out pilates, barre, yoga, spin, intro to Crossfit, and the open gym. Needless to say, I found the Firm to live up to the reviews and signed up for the unlimited membership.  

Kenny: Before I moved here I came visit the Cities and was brought to The Firm as a drop in and went to one of Snape’s classes (when he was still with The Firm). This class was hard! I had never participated in group lead exercise class before and had know idea what I was getting myself into. I was basically immobile for the rest of that day and the next but was grounded by this. Realizing I had not been taking my health seriously. I digress…My first visit was eye opening and the environment was fun and intense!! This first visit would have been about 8 years. I moved to the Cities in September 2012 and have been coming to The Firm since that move. 

Bradley: A friend started going to the Firm and loved it, so I decided to try it out. I was struck by how nice and friendly the staff and other members were. Whether it was simply remembering my name or encouraging me to try new classes, the staff were a chief reason I ended up staying.

2/ What brought you into #thefirmcrossfit?

Thu: I had already been doing Crossfit for a couple of years and was looking for a new box to join. I still remember doing an introduction to Crossfit on a Saturday morning and was kind of confused with the mirrors in the room. I was used to Crossfit boxes being in a former car garage, no frills but lots of cheap thrills. Eventually, I became accustomed to the mirrors that lined the walls and the mood lighting that made everyone look good, granted Asians don’t raisin. 

Kenny: I had never tried crossfit before but had heard many differing opinions. I am not persuaded easily so I figured the only way to find out for sure is to join. I had been working out at the gym for roughly 6 months before I decided finally give it a try and now I wonder why it took me so long to make up my mind. The community is amazing, so many great people with such different strengths. Everyday is an opportunity to learn something new. I enjoy the structure of the classes and the programming is fantastic, it definitely takes a lot off one’s shoulder knowing we have great programming and we are ever changing as a community.

Bradley: I was lucky enough to be one of the first people to try out CrossFit at the Firm. I was looking for something to change up my workouts and, like many, was intrigued by the cult following CrossFit seemed to have. 


3/ What was your training regime like for the Blizzard Bowl?

Thu: Brad, Kenny, and myself did Blizzard Bowl last year, so we weren’t particularly too nervous, well I wasn’t… I think the programming that Lindsay, our fearless leader, had created definitely prepared us well enough that I felt I didn’t need more training. I guess “need” is the wrong word, I would say “want.” I met up with Brad and Kenny on Friday evenings where we would run through the workouts that were published. Let’s just say “run though the workouts” meant “hanging out and chatting about random stuff while the motivation to lift weights escaped our bodies.” 

Kenny: I feel we, as a team, didn’t take it as serious as last year (Brad, Thu and I competed in the Blizzard Bowl together in 2016). We were less nervous because we had been on this stage before and we were really chatty every time we met up to practice. Therefore, our practice sessions (once a week) turned into talking about the published workouts and maybe completing one of them. I had an injury where I couldn’t pull weight off the ground for about 6 weeks so that kind of limited our ability to fully practice as well. We were not as prepared as I had hoped this year but Thu and Brad are great guys to have on your team whether prepared or not. 

Bradley: In addition to regular CrossFit training, our team would meet once a week to go through the competition workouts. Since we knew them in advance, we could strategize and figure out the best way to maximize our time and strength. 

4/ During the competition, how did you stay on your game?

Thu: Lord, I never got on the game to even stay on the game. I don’t particularly like competing in Crossfit competitions; however, I do like competing with my friends who I know are there to just have fun. Win or lose, we have fun. Having teammates, like Brad and Kenny, take away that added pressure that comes in competing. Also, having Team Firm Crossfit come out to cheer us on always makes it 10x better. It’s amazing how supportive everyone is of one another when one of us decides to compete. 

Kenny: Having The Firm Crossfit community out cheering everyone on helps a lot! Having Thu and Brad as teammates has great because we all have the same mindset, go hard but in the end just have fun! During events I have the ability to tune out noise so I am always only focused on the task in front of me. 

Bradley: Energy drinks, protein bars, and lots of warming up.

5/ If you could tell someone one thing about The Firm, what would it be?

Thu: One important thing I can tell someone about The Firm is that I’ve made lifelong friends from being part of the community. I’m an east-coast transplant and I constantly hear about how hard it is to make friends in the Minnesota, but I didn’t have that experience. I’ve lived in the Twin Cities for three years and I’ve attended 3 weddings of great friends whom I’ve met because of The Firm, especially Firm Crossfit. The Firm is a place I workout, but it’s the friends I’ve made that keeps me coming back. 

Kenny: Be open and stick around, you will end up making life long friends because everyone is Fantastic! You’ll find your niche just give it some time.

Bradley: It’s a great place to set a goal then go about achieving it surrounded by a ton of fun and, most importantly, encouragement. 

Awesome work gentleman, you ROCK! Thanks for being a part of our crew :-).



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