#thefirmtribe Celebrates Women’s History Month: Susan Rowland

We have a lot of strong women to celebrate over here at The Firm, and one of those women is Susan Rowland. If you’ve walked into the front doors on 2nd Ave, odds are you’ve talked to Susan. She has a way of making you feel right at home, and like a part of this big family we have at The Firm. Her laugh is unmistakeable and brings a smile to your face right away. She is one of the heartbeats that makes this place as special as it is, and as fun as it is. Hot off her birthday we want to celebrate HER today! Read her interview below!

1/ Can you tell us a bit about your path and how you landed here at the Firm, in Minneapolis?

-I came to the Firm because of Jimmy Stathis. Jimmy convinced me to sign up for the 2nd ever Firm FIT…back when Keith did “lower body” and Snype did “upper body”. I had been a gym rat in my 20’s and mostly just ran outside. I loved the FIT program! I also fell in love with The Firm. It was all about the energy & Staff for me.

2/ What inspired you to be a part of the fitness community?

-Fitness in many different forms has always been my salvation. I can also say that without a doubt The Firm saved my life. A year or so prior to me coming aboard full time I was headed down a very bad path health wise, physically and mentally. A coffee shop conversation with Kelly Miyamoto changed my trajectory in ways I couldn’t even have imagined.

3/ As we celebrate women’s history month this month, what women have you looked to as mentors?

-I am who I am because of my Mother. I was lucky enough to have amazing Teachers as well. Mrs. Charles in the 5 & 6 grade. Ms. Sexton all through High School. Maya Angelou and Toni Morrison’s writing had a profound effect on me. I am also very blessed to have many phenomenal women in my life today that I have a tremendous amount of respect for and who continue to inspire and teach me.

4/ How have those mentors influenced where you are today?

-All of my “Teachers” have influenced the person I am today. I am fiercely loyal and have developed lifelong relationships. I am by nature a connector which has lent to how much I enjoy working at The Firm.

5/ What continues to keep you inspired?

-The Clients! I LOVE the 6am crew. I have found my Tribe.

6/ What is one thing you want everyone to know about you?

-I love my life.

We love YOU Susan! Thank you for bringing the love every single early morning! ❤



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