Meet #thefirmtribe’s Badass Of The Week: Mari Taffe!

Continuing the celebration of the strong women in our crew, this week’s badass is Mari Taffe! A regular over here on 2nd ave, we always get excited when Mari walks in the front doors, she brings a lot of love and light with her! Mari first came to The Firm in 1995, and she’s been rocking it out ever since! You can find Mari in our in house Diva Doug’s classes, and she signed up for Firm FIT which starts tomorrow! Read her interview below!

1/ What was your favorite way to move as a kid?

-Riding my bicycle, swimming at the outdoor pool in the summer, going to the beach, playing tennis as I got a little older (my mom taught me to play) and downhill skiing.

2/ What landed you in Minneapolis?


-I grew up in Hastings and went to college at SCSU. I moved to Minneapolis when I graduated from college. I always knew I wanted to live in Minneapolis; all my friends were here and I loved the beauty of the lakes and parkways, the diversity, and the freedom to be yourself.

 3/ What brought you to The Firm for the first time, and what was that visit like?


-Kristen Regnier got me to started going to The Firm in 1995. She knew I needed to make a change from where I was working out, and she was like, “Go to Doug’s class! You’ll love him!” And she was right! I thought Doug was a wild man and he was so kind and welcoming and his classes kicked butt. I was hooked.


4/ What keeps you coming back to us over here on 2nd ave, and how has that affected your daily life?


-When I turned fifty, I changed my attitude to “ I get to work out,” instead of I have to work out.” To be strong and healthy, to be able to go to The Firm and do these hard classes with such a fantastic community is not to be taken for granted. I make going to the classes I love a priority. When I fill out my calendar for the week, the classes are the first thing I write down.

5/What is one thing you want everyone to know about The Firm?

 -All of the staff and instructors are so welcoming. They make you feel like you belong. It really is a special, joyful place. There is no other place like The Firm. You will make new friends that you sweat and laugh with. If you don’t know anyone, just start talking to someone, and soon you will have a community of familiar faces who are committed to health and fitness and having a blast while our booties are being kicked. 


Thank YOU Mari! We LOVE having you in our crew <3!

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