Stand Firm Against Cancer: Heidi Brandewie

Throughout the month of June we are running a Stand Firm Against Cancer campaign over here on 2nd ave. Different classes will be fundraisers for specific cancers and research for a cure. This is close to the heart of many in our crew, including Heidi Brandewie. Read her interview below about her journey with breast cancer. If you are interested in learning more about this campaign, and when you can attend classes that will be donated to specific non profits, click here.

1/Can you tell us a little about yourself?

-I am a mother of Ava 16 and Joe 13. I have been married for 18 yrs to Chris Brandewie. I am a designer/stylist and own my own business called Fricket Design. I love to travel and spend time with my six chickens, cat and two dogs.

2/ What type of cancer were you diagnosed with, and when did you receive your diagnosis?

-3c breast cancer in 2011.

3/ Obviously, cancer puts your whole life on hold. Do you remember a specific moment when you were hit by this realization?

-The day I met with my oncologist and realized it was going to be a full time job with all the doctors and treatment plan.

4/ How long were you in treatment? What helped keep your spirits up and gave you support during this period?

-3yrs, between 5 surgeries ,chemo, and radiation. Having a sense of humor and being able to spend time with my husband during all the doctor appointments.

5/ As someone who has been through what you have, what would you say to members of our community going through a cancer diagnosis personally, or one of a loved one?

-I am better off for having cancer! I reflect on what my family went through along with me and I think the honesty we have as a family is very important. We did not keep information from the kids or friends. I tried to be open with how I was feeling. I remember my oncologist saying the chemo was working. I remember thinking of course it is! In my mind it never wasn’t going to work. So I guess what I am saying is be a fighter and laugh a lot !!

Thank you for sharing your story Heidi! We are so inspired by you, and LOVE you!

Heidi B.png


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