Make Your Next Workout Electric With Coach Tyler!

Have you seen Momentec Powersuit Group Training on the schedule and wondered, what’s the deal with that? Momentec is a Power Driven Workout that makes a 45 minute workout feel like a 4 hour workout. One of our phenomenal coaches in the Personal Training Boutique that does Momentec work is Tyler Larson. Tyler has been rocking out coaching our client’s in the Powersuit, and wants you in on the fun! Read his experience below, and check out more info on Momentec at The Firm here!

Tyler: Have you ever wondered what it feels like to be struck by lightning?! Or maybe what it’s like to stick a key in a power outlet?! The Firm has you covered! I’m actually just pulling your leg, but we do have something even better!

Momentec Powersuit Training, you’ve seen the classes on the schedule, and you’ve definitely noticed the super flattering wet suits everyone has been wearing. What do they do? How do you get involved? What do you have to lose by trying it? Nothing, as a Firm member your first time is complimentary! You may actually find you get time back! No it doesn’t stop the aging process, but it will improve your strength in such a way that all your other workouts will be stronger.

I myself Powersuit between 2-3 times a week! Within just one or two sessions in the suit, I was more aware of my mind and body connection. This I thought I already had. Turns out I was just engaging the superficial muscle beneath the skin. The Powersuit actually gets the muscle closest to the bone. Which has allowed me to find real actual strength.

What I like most about the powersuit is that it has changed my workouts outside of the suit. It has provided my body with feedback or knowledge that has allowed me to engaged and isolate muscle groups like I have never experienced. In essence it has kind of given me my life back. I no longer feel the need to workout 2x a day, because 45 minutes in the suit is plenty!

Don’t worry it doesn’t feel like getting struck by lightning or anything crazy like that! Maybe you remember trying Pop Rocks the candy for the first time? That’s about the amount of shock factor you experience! Just a little fear of the unknown! Don’t let that fear keep you from the fun, exhilarating and effective experience the Powersuit has to offer.


Tyler loves to help people find their strongest self no matter the workout, come check him out in the Personal Training boutique at The Firm MPLS!


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