#thefirmmpls Workout Buddies: Courtney and Veronica!

Over here on 2nd ave, we know that community pushes you further than you can on your own. If you’re a FIRM Family member, you know that in our crew we like to workout together. Working out with a partner or two can double your performance and your workout. It will keep you moving even when you don’t think you can! Over here at The Firm we love working out with partners so much, we created #thefirmmpls Buddy Referral Program: Stay Motivated AND Save Money! When you refer and friend and they sign on for a monthly membership, you get one month on US. That’s right, more money and more motivation for you! To launch the program we interviewed epic buddies in our crew who work out together at 6am. Take a peek at their shared experience! Courtney and Veronica slay their early morning workouts, and keep each other on track and motivated! Read their experience below!

1/Can you tell us a little about yourself?

So, other than recently riding the MS 150 bike ride together, we’re pretty much complete opposites…
Courtney: I’m paleo.
Veronica: I’m vegetarian.
C: I love Justin Bieber.
V: I love the JB Despacito remix… Ha. I love camping!
C: I don’t
V: I speak Spanish.
C: I don’t. I’m from Minnesota.
V: I’m from Venezuela.
C: I like to bake.
V: I like to cook.

2/How did you choose The Firm as your workout home?

C: My high school dance team took a Vintage class from Doug as a team building activity back in the day. When I moved to Minneapolis and realized my apartment was so close to The Firm, I had to check it out for real. I also wanted to start cycle classes, but wanted a place that offered more than just cycling.
V: Last Fall, as part of my work on the Hispanic Business Council at Target, I looked into different gyms where we could host a couple of spin classes for our Target employees to celebrate Hispanic Heritage Month. Ultimately I chose The Firm to move forward with and loved it so much I became a member myself!

3/ How does your workout buddy motivate you?

C: We used to live so close that we carpooled, so one of us couldn’t go without the other! Talk about true accountability. Now we rely on motivational text messages to make sure we both show up in the morning.
V: If I’m considering skipping a class at the gym, I usually think “Oh, I won’t get to see Courtney today or talk to her this week.” It keeps me motivated to maintain a friendship built at the gym. The benefit is I’m also getting a killer workout. 🙂

4/ What is your favorite class/workout to do together?

C & V: It started out as cycle…you can find us at 6 am sitting next to each other on bikes 42 and 43. Now we’ve grown to love how strong APT makes us feel.

5/ What is one thing you want everyone to know about working out with a partner?

C & V: Don’t make it a competition, make it a team sport!

6/ What is one thing you want everyone to know about The Firm?

C: Susan Rowland is amazing and will make your morning! And even though Brad Wagner yells at you, it’s all out of love.
V: Ditto to the above! The classes are so fun, you’ll keep coming back despite being sore. 🙂

Thank you ladies! We LOVE you, thanks for being a part of our crew!


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