#thefirmtribe’s Badass Of The Week: Jim Stathis!

If you’ve ever been around Jim Stathis, you know he is full of a contagious energy that keeps you motivated and inspired! Jim is a staple here at The Firm, and he embodies a person who really can do it all. Jim is the man behind our Momentec Powersuits that are changing the game and moving into the territory of power driven workouts. Jim also helps lead our Urban Boot Camps that we do outside the last Saturday of every month (I.E. THIS Saturday!) Read Jim’s interview below!

1) Can you tell us a bit about your
path and how you landed at The Firm?

-I moved to MN from Denver in 1992. my roommate there told me that The Firm had some of the best instructors and coaches in MN – so I took a class here and never left.

2) What Inspired you to be part of the
Fitness community?

-What inspires me the most is the community and the individual transformations from fitness activities.

3) Who Have you Looked to as mentors in your Path?

-I have been self motivated and influenced by curiosity to learn.

4) How have those mentors influenced where you are

-My Passion for Fitness, Technology and community have influenced me to launch new ventures such as Momentec power suit training which can take fitness to next the level.

5) What continues to keep you

-New adventures + new fitness experiences such as our retreat in Nosara Costa
Rica in Feb 2018 https://www.puravidaretreat.org/



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