#thefirmmpls Workout Buddies Part 2: Jackie, Grace and Meaghan!

Did you know that working out with a friend can double your performance in your workout, and keep you accountable for showing up? If you have one, you know your workout buddies are invaluable and change the game in your own workout. Over here at The Firm we love working out with partners so much, we created #thefirmmpls Buddy Referral Program: Stay Motivated AND Save Money! When you refer and friend and they sign on for a monthly membership, you get one month on US. That’s right, more money and more motivation for you! In our second interview of our workout buddies series, we interviewed Jackie, Grace and Meaghan, who crush their workouts together as a trifecta! Read their interview below!

1/ Can you tell us a little about yourself?

Grace:  I was born and raised in Minnesota and currently live in Minneapolis. I work in marketing at Target and spend my spare time with friends, family, food, wine, and the occasional Netflix binge.

Jackie: I am a newlywed living with my husband in Linden Hills Minneapolis. I work in the beauty industry selling into Target. 

Meaghan: Although I’m not native to MN, I’ve been here most of my life, so this is definitely my home. I’m recently married and having fun merging my life with my husband’s. I’m a big believer that balance is the key to life; so, although I really love working out, I also enjoy indulging in the foodie scene Minneapolis has to offer.

2/ How did you choose The Firm as your workout home?

Grace: I found The Firm on Classpass and immediately fell in love with the fun classes and welcoming atmosphere

Jackie: My other workout buddies told me about APT and I started to go with them! 

Meaghan: I have a friend, Alex Sims, who raved about the Firm’s APT and Cycle classes, so I had to try it for myself. I was immediately sold when I went to my first Cycle class with Brad as the instructor. His energy is infectious and motivating. I now go to Brad’s APT class as well :-).

3/ How does your workout buddy motivate you?

Grace: We workout in the morning and most of the time it’s really tempting to just hit snooze on the alarm and save the workout for later. Having my buddies keeps me accountable and gets me to class.

Jackie: Meaghan and Grace are the best workout buddies to have – they keep me committed to going to class! There is no excuse to skip class with them, especially since we all ride in together! It’s also great because we love to get our workouts in before work! 

Meaghan:  My workout buddies make working out more fun! They push me to try harder; I know if they can do it, I can do it :-). 

4/ What is your favorite class/workout to do together?

Grace: APT with Brad- it’s the best way to get your butt kicked and have fun at the same time!

Jackie: We love going to APT on Thursday mornings with Brad! It’s the best and he is too! 

Meaghan:  APT is definitely our favorite class! We’re almost always in the same circuit group, which makes it even better.

5/ What is one thing you want everyone to know about working out with a partner?

Grace: Working out is hard, but having friends there makes it a little bit easier.

Jackie: The 3 of us never take ourselves too seriously and we always can laugh when we don’t know how to do a move! 

Meaghan: Working out with a partner holds you accountable and pushes you to challenge yourself. Of course there will be times where you both don’t want to workout, but more often than not, one of you will have the energy to motivate the other.

6/ What is one thing you want everyone to know about The Firm?

Grace: The Firm makes working out fun! Between the awesome staff, gorgeous gym/studios, and variety of classes it’s my favorite place to workout in Minneapolis.

Jackie: The Firm is an amazing gym – the staff are always so nice and everyone just has so much energy! It’s so easy to get motivated the second you walk in the door! 

Meaghan: The FIRM is welcoming!

You ladies ROCK! Thank you for being a part of our crew and keeping us motivated. We LOVE you!



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