Introducing Our New Studio Boutique Director: Laura Robertson!

If you’ve ever walked in our front doors, odds are you know Laura Robertson. Laura’s energy and love for life is infectious! She brings the noise to every class she leads, and she has taught in every boutique we offer. She first walked through the Firm doors as a junior in high school. A few years later started working at our front desk, then teaching Cycle. Along with cycle Laura moved into Yoga and Personal Training, and helped build our CrossFit boutique. Taking the Firm mindset and movement education she brought Dynamic Power to our Studio boutique. Laura has grown and evolved alongside The Firm. We are pumped to have her as our new Studio Boutique Director! Read her full Firm story below!

Laura: I am honored to be the new Firm Studio Director. I was an uncoordinated teenager when I walked into my first Studio class. It was also my very first class at The Firm, Cardio Hip Hop, I think we may have called it Funk back then. As the leading jock and tomboy of my high school, I couldn’t do many of Terry’s moves BUT I remember having a good time and smiling the whole hour. However, Studio isn’t the boutique that got me hooked, Jim Stathis took that honor introducing me to Cycle.

After my first Cycle class there was no turning back. I spent several years chasing all the Cycle instructors around learning every move I could. (I have yet to master the bike headbang that Kelly rocks out every Saturday at 3pm.) After falling in love with Cycle I needed something chill to balance me out and I found it on my Yoga mat. For me, one hour of Cycle followed by one hour of Yoga was a magical combination. My cardiovascular endurance shined bright like a diamond and my splits pose became a fancy trick to show off at parties. So what’s a girl to do next??? Join Crossfit! Clean, Snatch and Jerk became my favorite words. I also enjoyed the gymnastics element, especially learning what I could do with just my body. It is such an empowering feeling to pull, push, and lift your own body weight.

Eventually, I realized the people who could lift and move the best were made in OUR ORIGINAL BOUTIQUE. The Studio instructors teach coordination and precision, which leads to a deeper level of body movements. Understanding my body made my Clean, Snatch, and Jerk look easy. In the studio we develop timing and expression theses elements took my Yoga practice and made a graceful dance. I found that a studio class filled with challenging twist and turns could elevate my cardio endurance allowing me to break plateaus I had found on my bike. Looking back on my fitness journey I had developed Speed, Strength, Endurance, and Flexibility, Studio classes took all those skills and multiplied them. Thanks to The Firm Studio I had gained the ultimate combination Precision, Coordination, Mobility, and Expression.

I wouldn’t be who I am today without The Firm Studio Boutique and our incredible team. We are a diverse and inspiring group, including some of the most incredible movers I know from the Crystal Light Champion to the Crash Dancer. Think you know everything about Studio? Or maybe you’re wondering where to get started? Either way, my first goal is to inspire you. Come talk to me or stay tuned as I share some of the best-kept secrets the Firm has to offer.

We LOVE you Laura and are SO excited to see what’s in store for you and the Studio Boutique! #thefirmtribe- come check it out ASAP!



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