PRs, the recovery bed, and beaches with Jim Stathis!

The Future of Fitness: Power Suits, Lights and Pura Vida, Oh My!

Imagine everyone in CrossFit is hitting a PR; that would be amazing! Every walk of life can come to The Firm and become a rock star and be part of an amazing community… Let me tell you how: Power Driven Training, The Recovery Bed and living life Pura Vida. Excited? Intrigued? Read on!

The Power Suit is Power Driven Training that aids in activating over 90% of your muscles which allows you to utilize more of your body’s muscles. Along with your coach, the Power Suit also aids in identifying imbalances in the body to help athletes get into the proper position to reach their PR (personal record)! The Power Suit uses electronic muscle stimulation to maximize time and energy thus a 20-minute workout is equivalent to those two back to back classes you have been taking. Most importantly you will feel the burn in all the right places

After you sweat, you should make the time and effort to fully recover. The Recovery Bed uses near Infrared light to stimulate tissue repair and increases blood flow, reduces inflammation and lowers oxidative stress at the cellular level. Near Infrared light is applied to the cells to displace nitric oxide and triggers a downstream cellular cascade that stimulates repair. Using the Bed 2-3 x week for 15 minutes you will experience improved energy and less delayed onsite muscle soreness. What does this mean to you? You will recover faster, get greater benefits from every WOD and reach your PR goals! #fistbump. Check out how the Nike US Olympic team won 4 gold medals using The Recovery Bed: The use for light therapy has been around for over 40 years. You have access to the Bed now (rhymes with wow) at The Firm. This is the first of its kind, advanced system, to arrive in market for personal use outside of professional sports and athletes.

It’s not mystery that winter is coming and you may want to get out of the snow and spend some time in the sun! In Costa Rica, Pura Vida is a simple way of looking at life. No worries, no fuss, no stress. Pura Vida means being thankful for what you have and not dwelling on the negative. What I like about Costa Rica and this way of life is that you surround yourself with a jungle, beach and community that have the same purpose. You can experience Pura Vida too in February 2018 as I co-lead a fitness retreat in this magical place called Nosara. Where fitness meets nature for one week of: yoga, surf, sand sweat, TRX, Cycle, Barre, Mat Pilates and sculpt. Learn more here:



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