#thefirmtribe’s Badass of The Week: John Shaw!

If you’ve been around #thefirmyoga, odds are you know John Shaw! John is a legend in the local yoga community, and for good reason! His classes are a beautiful mix of challenge, fun and relaxation, plus he’s one inspirational guy! Along with being a badass this week, we have a special offer for you! One of John’s classes is the 6AM Wednesday morning yoga class. Next week the first 15 people to sign up for yoga on Wednesday, November 15th will receive a FREE FIRM swag bag! Reserve your spot ASAP, and get to know John below!

1/ When you were a kid what was your absolute favorite way to move?

-I always rode my bike. I mowed lawns to save up and buy a Schwinn Stingray 5 speed with stick shift, chopper handle bars, banana seat, gold. HOT!

2/ What was your inspiration to become a part of the yoga community?

-I first started practicing regularly at Bikram Yoga Lyndale in Jan 2002. The 90 minute 105 F classes totally kicked my butt. It hooked me and after about 100 classes I left for Bikram TT Los Angeles Sep 2002. I’ve been teaching ever since, serving the MSP Yoga Community. I attended CP Power TT in 2007 to expand my teaching and practice.

3/ What was your first time into The Firm like?

-My first experience at The Firm was a Spin Class at the old location. I was a pretty strong outdoor bicyclist & triathlete. LOUD, HIGH ENERGY, EXHILARATING, STRONG TEACHING AND STUDENT PARTICIPATION. I thought “these people are f’n crazy but they sure enjoy and are good at what they do!”

4/ What is one thing you would want everyone to know about The Firm?

-Great house of fitness and health driven by management and employees who are passionate about building community and happily delivering a powerful experience to all of the students every time.

5/ Last but not least, what’s one thing you cannot live without?

Movement, space and fresh air daily. Also a steady dose of good people.

We love you John and are grateful to have you on our team! #thefirmtribe register for his 11/15 6AM Yoga class ASAP!



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