Meet #thefirmtribe’s Badass of The Week: Carrie Foster Radde!

If you were just at our 3rd annual Turkey TRI-umph, you know our badass of the week, Carrie Foster Radde! Carrie is the best combination of sweet and badass. You can find her in the saddle taking #thefirmcycle classes, kicking your booty in barre, helping you crush in APT, and then bring it full circle with restorative yoga! She is a jack of all trades, and we LOVE having her in on our crew! Get to know her below!

1/ When you were a kid what was your absolute favorite way to move?

-When I was a kid I LOVED swimming and still do, which might explain my daily paddle board trips on Calhoun each summer. Second runner up would be roller skating with my sister and best friend while listening to Bon Jovi and wearing Debbie Gibson’s Electric Youth perfume.

2/ What was your inspiration to become a part of the Fitness community?

-My inspiration to be part of the fitness community is my twofold passion for supporting people and spreading mindfulness and self-love.

I initially became yoga certified to help build the self-esteem of young girls–I have taught a lot of summer girls’ yoga camps and used to incorporate yoga into my 1st and 5th grade classrooms. I also taught a lot summer sessions for students with physical disabilities. I am no longer in the classroom, but my day-job still allows me to meld my passions together to support students throughout Minnetonka Schools. It is the icing on the cake to be able to teach at the The Firm and spread kindness and love to others!!

3/ What was your first time into The Firm like?

-My first time into the Firm was back around 2004 or 2005. The bag boxing class brought me in and I’ve never left! I LOVE the energy, the community, and the dedication of everyone who works and workouts there. The Firm cares and I feel lucky each day that I can be part of it!

4/ What is one thing you would want everyone to know about The Firm?

-I want everyone to know that ANY BODY is welcome at The Firm. I hear from some that it seems intimidating; oh, contraire, my friends! All the instructors support working to one’s own ability and challenging in a loving, kick-ass way.

5/ Last but not least, what’s one thing you cannot live without?

-Ahhhh!! That’s SO hard. My family and friend connections are essential to my happiness and well being and I could not live without them. I also can’t live without sunshine, spinach, and positive energy. I know that’s three things, but I can’t choose. Did I mention coffee and physical activity of all kinds?

Carrie, we LOVE you! #thefirmtribe – get to one of her classes ASAP! ❤


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