Meet #thefirmtribe’s Badass Of The Week: Jake Schoolmeesters!!!

Over here on 2nd Ave, we are grateful everyday for the amazing people that make up our community. One of those members is Jake Schoolmeesters, our badass of the week! Initially Jake found us while getting ready to tie the knot! Now he is addicted to early mornings with us at This Firm. Read his full interview below!

1/ What was your favorite way to move as a kid?

-I was always on the move when I was a kid. Riding bikes around the neighborhood, playing sports like soccer, basketball, and baseball. However, I particularly looked forward to the jump roping program in school every year called Rope Power. I was the first student to do all 52 different jump roping tricks at Pillsbury Elementary, and I loved the double-under competitions. It was a weird hobby, but so much fun.

2/ What landed you in Minneapolis?

-I was born and raised in NE Minneapolis and never left the city!

3/ What brought you to The Firm for the first time, and what was that visit like?

-Around five years ago, I was living with my soon to be husband in the North Loop in a condo, and had been hearing about this gym near by called The Firm. Our wedding was coming up and we were looking to start getting in shape prior to the big day. After some searching around, I checked out The Firm and saw that they had a program called Firm FIT, and thought it would be a great way to get in shape before the wedding. We had Corey Isaak as our trainer and first impression of the firm. A reboot to my thinking on health and fitness as I began a new married life, perfect.

4/ What keeps you coming back to us over here on 2nd ave, and how has that affected your daily life?

-It is with out a doubt the staff at The Firm that keeps me coming back. Every single interaction is a great impression and they all continually leave me impressed and feeling welcome. I look forward to coming in for every class, (even at 5:30am…most of the time anyway.) It has helped me nail down a near daily habit of making it to The Firm for a workout, and now I feel weird on days that I miss it.

5/What is one thing you want everyone to know about The Firm?

-It really is a place where the extra effort put forth by everyone is extremely evident. Never have I felt like a number on an earnings sheet, but rather a part of a bigger community. Teachers notice when you miss a regular class, and they truly care about your wellbeing. If you are looking for a different experience from the typical gym, you are probably going to find what you are looking for here.

We LOVE you Jake! Thanks for being a part of our crew!

(Pssst! The next Firm FIT session starts on 1/13/2018! Start 2018 off with a reboot of your system! Learn more here!)


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