Faces of Firm FIT: Matt Armfield, Session 1: Getting ready for the big day!

Meet Matt Armfield, a staple over here on 2nd ave. Matt is originally from Grand Rapids, Michigan and went to the University of Michigan for his undergrad in science. He stayed on for his masters in education, and moved to Chicago where he was a high school science teacher for six years. After a couple of years of teaching Matt started to feel the pull towards med school, and decided to move to Milwaukee to pursue that dream. After finishing up med school, he got a residency up here in Minneapolis in 2012! He finished up his training here and is now working as a pain and palliative care specialist with kids at the University of Minnesota.

As his wedding start to pop up on the horizon, matt decided he wanted to kick himself into gear and get in better shape. He was talking to a co-worker one day about it and she recommended us over here at The Firm! Matt found our Firm FIT program and knew right away this was what he needed to prepare for the big day. Read his WHY for firm FIT below!

1)What were your motivations for doing Firm FIT?

Matt: Six months before my wedding, I was probably the heaviest and most out-of-shape I have been in. I had just returned from a vacation in the Caribbean and I dreaded going to the pool or to the beach lest my friends see me shirtless. I was desperate, knowing that needed to do something drastic, and it needed to happen now. I didn’t want to have that feeling of disappointment when looking back at my wedding pictures and only thinking of how fat I was, instead of all the other emotions you should be feeling when looking at pictures from your own wedding. In the recent past, I tried (and failed) several different diets and self-guided workout programs, so I knew I needed something regimented and intense. I had heard of The Firm when I first moved to Minneapolis and decided to check it out. I talked with Neil about FIT and knew right away that this is the program that I needed. So I signed up, and haven’t looked back since.

After his decision to join Firm FIT, Matt committed and started seeing changes in his daily life! What changes, you might ask?

2/What was the first thing you noticed that started to change?

Matt: The first thing I noticed after starting FIT was how good I felt throughout the day after working out in the morning. There were many a morning where I dreaded getting up and going, but knew that I couldn’t afford (both physically and monetarily) to skip out on a session. I would remind myself how good I felt post-workout and that kept me going at the beginning. Even though I might not have seen any changes (yet) in the mirror or on the scale, I simply felt better, happier, and healthier. Then, when I did notice the physical changes, my desire to keep showing up at the dreadful hour of 6 am grew exponentially.

Matt loved firm FIT so much, he decided to THREE back to back sessions! Stay tuned for the next segment of Matt’s FIT journey, session 2: Food, Form and sizing down!

Are YOU interested in Firm FIT? The early bird discount ends 12/24! Give yourself the gift of health and wellness PLUS receive 10% off the entire program! The next sessions starts 1/13/18!  Click here for pricing info! 




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