Faces of Firm FIT: Matt A, part 2

Faces of Firm FIT: Matthew Armfield Session 2: Food, Form and Sizing Down!

We left off with Matthew in his first session, when he was starting to get used to 6AM workouts and keeping track of the food he was eating. As Matthew started his second session with us at The Firm he started to notice some changes in his daily habits.

Matthew: “How I think about food and how to get the proper balance of macronutrients was one of the biggest daily changes that I made. As someone who grew up in the non-fat craze of the 90’s, it was difficult to change this way of thinking. After recording and scrutinizing your food choices for six months, it’s now become almost second nature to look at something I want to eat and determine if this would be a good choice or not (and if it wasn’t going to be a good choice, would it be worth it.)”

As Matthew’s relationship with food began to evolve, this relationship with exercise did as well! In his training sessions he began to notice his form, and correct himself before the trainer did. He became more confident in the way he moved, and his body awareness grew exponentially! As he embarked his on third FIT Matthew was more aware of his body, the food (fuel) he put in it, and he was dropping weight like crazy! He had to shop after each FIT for new clothes that fit him!

4/ What changed for you from one firm FIT to another as you did three back to backs?

Matthew : As I went from one FIT experience to another, my confidence and level of comfort with personal fitness kept growing and growing. I started to see changes in the mirror and was happy frustrated that I needed to shop for new clothes at the end of each round of FIT. I started to be much more comfortable with the weight training exercises, in that I was correcting improper form myself before Kyle would. I could tell my endurance was steadily increasing and three months in, I was able to run a 5K race, something I had not been able to do for years. Most importantly, I discovered that not only could I do an intense program such as this, but I really enjoyed doing it.

Yes, you read that right. Matthew enjoyed running a 5k. Stay tuned for the last installment of Matthew’s journey, the end of session 3!

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