Meet #thefirmtribe’s Badass Of The Week: Somer Kvale!

If you’ve been over here on 2nd ave, odds are you know Somer. Somer rocks it out at EVERYTHING she does. Her cycle classes sell out weekly, and are one packed sweaty hour full of the most bangin’ tunes and the best workout! She leads small group personal training sessions and one on one sessions that are packed full of creative ways to move your body and get you to your health and fitness goals. PLUS she leads groups in our Firm FIT program through interval training, small group training, and recovery. On top of that, she is an amazing mom to two of the best kids in town, Saylor and Cash. Somer is the very definition of Badass, find out why below!

1/ When you were a kid what was your absolute favorite way to move?

-DANCING!!! I guess you could say I’ve always had a serious case of the wiggles 🙂 I spent many of my younger years practicing tap, jazz, ballet and lyrical at Larkin Dance Studio. When I wasn’t there you would also find me at the rollerskating rink doing the hokey pokey like a boss and “shooting the duck” like it was my job.

2/ What was your inspiration to become a part of the Fitness community?

-When I was 18 my brother and his partner convinced me to take an aerobics class at Lifetime with them one Saturday morning. I had been smoking cigarettes like a train for a couple of years at this point and literally thought I might die during that class but it was the closest thing I had done to dance in several years and I was immediately hooked. I haven’t stopped since. The FIRM was 100% my inspiration to become a part of the fitness community. Group fitness became my ultimate outlet. It was dark. It was sweaty. It was loud. It gave me the chance to become part of a community where I felt free to fly my freak-flag (say that 10x as fast as you can) and I truly believe everyone deserves a place like that.

3/ What was your first time into The Firm like?

-It was actually that very instructor that taught the first aerobics class I took at Lifetime that told me I absolutely had to come with her to this place called “The FIRM”. She said the classes were really hard and they had the best music and instructors she had ever taken from. The class almost killed me, the people were amazing and the music was next level. 22 years later and I’m still in awe of the magic that happens here.

4/ What is one thing you would want everyone to know about The Firm?

-I would want everyone to know that they don’t have to be in their best shape to survive a class at The FIRM. Yes, our classes are hard, no doubt about it, but just get through the door and let us take care of the rest. This way you can see that every level is welcome here! I can’t tell you how many times I have heard someone say, “I’m going to get into shape FIRST and THEN I’ll come and take classes at The FIRM.”

5/ Last but not least, what’s one thing you cannot live without?

-Music. It always adds just the perfect pop of color to my life.

We LOVE you Somer, and are SO stoked to have you in our crew! ❤ ❤ ❤




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