#thefirmtribe’s Love Edition 1 (2018): Erin and Ramesh!

Over here on 2nd ave the main ingredient of everything we do is LOVE. When we started over 31 years ago, our three founders based our business first on love, and that has kept on to this day! As we near Valentine’s day we wanted to celebrate love by highlighting three different couples in our crew, starting with Erin and Ramesh! If you know Erin and Ramesh, you know they are two of the sweetest and most genuine people on this planet. They always have a smile ready, and they ROCK out their workouts everyday. Get to know Erin and Ramesh below!

1/ We know, it’s cliche, but how do you two meet?

-It was a set up by two mutual friends who know both of us but we didn’t know each other. They organized a happy hour for us to meet in a large group setting and we then set up our first date after meeting.

2/ What was your first date like? Was there love in the air?

-We had dinner at JP’s American Bistro and then moved to the bar area and closed the place down at 1am ( i should state it was a Monday night, Ha!). Ramesh went and bought the bottle of wine we had at dinner with that thought that if we are still dating in 1 year, we would open it to celebrate (which I found out on our 1 year anniversary!)

3/ How does your partner inspire you?

-Erin: He’s very generous and open – he loves to share things with everyone and teach them more about things that he’s passionate about (i.e. Scotch, Wine, Food). He always thinks to include someone or invite people along -(which is the opposite of me because i am very introverted).

-Ramesh: Optimism. She doesn’t let circumstances alter her mood, which is unlike myself. Her laughter and optimism allows me to reset myself.

4/ You’re regulars around here on 2nd ave, how has working out together impacted your relationship?

-When we work out consistently, everything else seems to fall into place. We’re both happier, we want to be more active and do things, we cook better… it really has a total impact on both of us. When one of us skips for a bit, we both feel it! With both of us committed to a routine, it makes it easy to motivate the other to just do it even when they might not be feeling like it.

5/ What inspired you to pick The Firm as your Fitness home?

-I love how welcoming and friendly everyone is…and having so many options of how to work out (Spin, Yoga, APT, CrossFit,Small Groups, etc). When we come to the gym, it feels personal and that everyone is invested in us… and I love that they know our names and who we are! If I miss a few classes, they check in to see if everything is ok…it’s one big family!

6/ How long have you been together?

-We’ve been together 12 years this Jan…Married 7.5

7/ Hand in hand with that, what have you learned about love during your relationship?

-It’s work and you really do have to work at it and that can be hard sometimes – but it’s totally worth it! Love isn’t enough… you have to make sure you respect the other person and continue to make the effort.

We LOVE you Erin and Ramesh! You are an inspirational duo, thank you for being a part of our crew! ❤ ❤


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