#thefirmtribe’s Love Edition 2 (2018): Gina and Anne!

For our second edition of our Love series we interviewed Gina and Anne! They let us in on their secret to almost 9 years of partnership, and talk about how working out has played a key role in their relationship! Read on for their full interview.

1/ We know, it’s cliche, but how do you two meet?

-Gina: Mutual friends wanted us to meet. It took all summer but we finally were at the same venue. That night we discovered we had twin cats. We both had a boy himalayan and yellow tabby. That was the start…

-Anne: We got set up by mutual friends.

2/ What was your first date like? Was there love in the air?

-Gina: We went on a sailboat on Lake Calhoun with some of her friends. We didn’t have set plans until later so I had my hair blown out earlier in the day. Love not sure but there was definitely wind in the air. 

-Anne: Spent it w friends on Calhoun on a sailboat.  

3/ How does your partner inspire you?

-Gina: Commitment to health and exercise and her compassion.

-Anne:  I appreciate Gina’s commitment and tenacity. She always puts 110% into whatever she does! She has been my rock through some tough times and has never waivered.

4/ You’re regulars around here on 2nd ave, how has working out together impacted your relationship?

-Gina: Working out brought us together, we ran together when we first met. Daily we ask “what are you doing for workout tomorrow”. We try to do one class together on the weekend. We have learned to compromise as she is a morning person and I usually workout in the afternoon.

-Anne: We don’t necessarily workout together a lot during the week. I’m an early morning worker outer and g prefers later in the day. Being active is def a priority to both of us. 

5/ What inspired you to pick The Firm as your Fitness home?

-Gina: I wanted a place that we could share together and was close to our home. With so many options for workouts and the FUN instructors and atmosphere I knew it was a good fit for us. We are very happy to be a part of the Firm family.

-Anne: Firm fit was my intro to the Firm and haven’t left since…not sure what’s in the air at the Firm but definitely feel the great “juju”.

6/ How long have you been together?

-Gina: Almost 9 years.

-Anne: 8 plus years

7/ Hand in hand with that, what have you learned about love during your relationship?

-Gina: Love is the foundation but yes there is still work in a relationship .. Self awareness is helpful.
-Anne: Compromise, patience, laughing together and oh did I mention patience…

We LOVE you Gina and Anne, you inspire us with your commitment to each other to staying healthy! Thanks for being a part of our crew! ❤


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