Meet #thefirmtribe’s Badass Of The Week: Kyle Ohleman!

If you’ve been in the Firm FIT program, or into our personal training boutique odds are you know our badass of the week, Kyle! Kyle is an amazing member of our personal training staff, who also trains small groups during our 8 Week FIT program. Kyle designs personal training sessions that keep you getting stronger and stronger, and they never leave you bored with your workout. Get to know Kyle below!

1/ When you were a kid what was your absolute favorite way to move?

-I had a chrome frame BMX bike and it was amazing. To showoff my rad BMX around town, I learned how to properly apply chrome polish and polish chrome at a young age. Far too young some might say. “And there I was, chasing after an idea, a reflection in a tubular frame that could never be what I dream.” Its an art, truly. Adventures were had. Impressions were made. No regrets.

2/ What was your inspiration to become a part of the Fitness community?

-The community is growing and changing, with a chance to be creative. Growth and change are good. Creativity is fun and challenging. Why not.

3/ What was your first time into The Firm like?

-“Who’s this?! Whats that?! huh? Oh Hi are you Kelly?! Neat place! I like your hair! I drive a Buick!”

4/ What is one thing you would want everyone to know about The Firm?

-Be you. Be original. Be weird (I mean… Not too weird; Ya’ Know?) (That’s all one thing)

5/ Last but not least, what’s one thing you cannot live without?

-I need few material possessions… But this isn’t about me.

We LOVE you Kyle and are so excited to have you in our crew! ❤




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