#thefirmtribe Celebrates Black History Month Part 1: Teri McLean!

Over here on 2nd ave the fabric of who we are is made up of two main ingredients, love and diversity. From the moment we started 31 years ago our founders broke the mold. We wanted to honor that by celebrating Black History Month with two highlights, starting with one of our founders, Teri Mclean herself! Teri has an unforgettable personality. Her love for life is contagious, and she is perhaps one of the kindest people you will ever meet! Read Teri’s full interview below!

1/ Can you tell us a bit about your path and what inspired you to open The Firm with David and Kelly?

Teri: I was 25 years old working at IBM straight out of college and used working out ad a stress reliever. David was my favorite aerobic instructor – dynamic, charismatic with a super hard workout! When David decided to open his own studio I jumped at the chance to be a part of this world. Kelly also knew David and introduced me to Kelly who brought great business acumen plus a great depth of knowledge about fitness. I was the newbie with no experience at all in fitness. David and Kelly were the experts and I followed their lead.

2/ What inspired you to be a part of the fitness community?

Teri: Loved the energy. Loved the way fitness improved your quality of life. Loved how fitness transformed you mentally as well as physically.

3/ As we celebrate Black History Month, what black men and women have you looked to as mentors?

Teri:  Wow, that’s a tough one. I would say my mother who at 86 is still my inspiration and guiding light. She never said no to my dreams. And she co-signed the loan with me so I could start the Firm with Kelly and David.

4/ How have those mentors influenced where you are today?

Teri: Again, she always preached to follow my dreams. Be fearless and if you don’t like what’s happening in your life, move on and find something new.

5/ What continues to keep you inspired?

Teri:  Watching the evolution of The Firm and how Neil and Kelly continue to innovate and stay current, while still keeping a loyal client base. It is so fun to watch and see how  they continue to advance The Firm in the fitness industry.

6/ As one of the original three that started The Firm, what is one other thing you want everyone to know about you?

Teri: How proud I am to be able to still workout at the Firm and continue to be a part of a strong, vibrant community.

We LOVE you Teri! Thank you for taking a chance and opening up The Firm with David and Kelly 31 years ago! You are one inspirational person! ❤



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