#thefirmtribe Celebrates Women’s History Month: Julie Gilbert!

Happy International Women’s Day #thefirmtribe! Over here on 2nd Ave, we have a lot of strong women in our crew. Every class is chalk full of women made up of grit, determination, and are major sources of inspiration for each of us! One of those women is Julie Gilbert. Julie continually inspires us, and we are so lucky to have her in our crew! Read her interview below to find out why!

1/ Can you tell us a bit about your path and how you landed here at the Firm, in Minneapolis?

J: Yes, I have always been athletic, playing sports and working out. I was lucky (and I say lucky) to have a friend Pam Diamond invite me to the Firm back in early 2003. She said “You have to try it, it’s crazy amazing!” I came to Doug’s class in the former building and was “hooked” on the drug of the Firm’s ‘authentic energy!’ The Firm (and it’s people because that is the magic of the Firm) has been pivotal in my life both personally and professionally. I literally innovated 3 of my businesses each and every class I took at the Firm over the years as new ideas would launch into my head throughout the ‘burn’. I immediately put them into action to build global businesses impacting people in positive ways. And, personally, it has been such an inspiring energy, place, and safe and warm place for me to feel good, feel inspired in life, and have the strength to take on some of life’s most challenging and difficult depths. I have worked out all over the world in the most incredible gyms and yet, The Firm continues to be the absolute BEST there is on every dimension!

2/ What inspired you to be a part of the fitness community?

J: see above.

3/ As we celebrate women’s history month this month, what women have you looked to as mentors?

J: All women and others without authoritarian voice who were the first at anything in business, science, the arts because the direct bias and unconscious bias of what “is appropriate” and the challenges you have to overcome are exhausting, ridiculous, and do not serve the better good.
I truly admire women and men who have overcome domestic or other emotional, physical abuse and violence and yet go on to be strong mothers and fathers, mentors, and leaders.

4/ How have those mentors influenced where you are today?

J: Faith in what you know to be good and true. Faith in good people and great souls.
Choose those you surround yourself with and ensure that their souls align with your soul’s intention.
Be deliberate with your time and who you spend it with.
Give and they will feel it!
You have to just get through another day. You wake up, send prayers to bring you through the day safely and thank God when you walk back in the door of your home at the end of the night.

5/ What continues to keep you inspired?

J: Being surrounded by genuinely great-souled human beings and being a good mother to my little 7 year old Arman who sees the world through eyes of delight, excitement, and laughter.

6/ What is one thing you want everyone to know about you?

J: Good question. I will always stand up and take a stand for those without a voice or a voice that has been silenced.
I stand strong for those genuinely good souls who are trying all they can in spite of being in situations where they are afraid in any regard to speak up and do good in the world.
I understand pain at the deepest levels, sorrow, and the feeling of not knowing how to move forward and hope to help others know there is always a way out with courage, persistence, patience, and purpose.
It is my best use of my life to make a difference in someone else’s life for good…to make my mark.
And, that is what I try to do each and every day.

We LOVE you Julie! Thank you for being such an amazing part of our Firm FAMILY!

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