#thefirmtribe Celebrates Women’s History Month: Gloria Perez!

This month we’re celebrating all the strong, smart, and inspiring women in our crew! One of those women is Gloria Perez. Gloria is the President and CEO of the Jeremiah Program, if you haven’t heard of it we highly recommend reading up. She has been doing incredible inspiring work there. When Gloria isn’t working, she is over at The Firm rocking out her workouts! We LOVE Gloria, read her full interview below to find out why!

1/ Can you tell us a bit about your path and how you landed here at the Firm, in Minneapolis?

Gloria:  Since 1998 I have worked in downtown Minneapolis. I heard that The Firm was a very cool and effective workout studio so I checked it out and immediately fell in love with Doug’s Saturday morning class and the friendly team members.

2/ What inspired you to be a part of the fitness community?

G: I have always been part of a fitness community. When I was in grade school I used to go with my mom to her fitness classes. I am inspired by the perseverance of others; and, the positive energy, culture of hospitality and acceptance at The Firm make it perfect for me.

3/ As we celebrate women’s history month this month, what women have you looked to as mentors?

G:  I have benefited from a diversity of mentors. Starting with my paternal grandmother, an immigrant, who believed that with hard work, ethics and an education, you could be successful at whatever you choose.

4/ How have those mentors influenced where you are today?

G:  My mentors have encouraged me to dream, take risks and have faith in myself.

5/ What continues to keep you inspired?

G: I continue to be inspired by the gratitude I feel. As they say, “to whom much is given much is required.” Whether it is my grandson, my kids or my co-workers, I am inspired by the joy they bring to me and others.

6/ What is one thing you want everyone to know about you?

G: With compassion and love we can create pathways for all to prosper and thrive; together we can build strong communities.

We LOVE you Gloria, and we are so grateful to have you in our Firm Family! ❤



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