Meet #thefirmtribe’s Badasses of the Week: Rachel, Jonee, Britney, Jen, Sandy, Richard, Lindsay, Dave, and Kim!

Have you heard of Small Group Personal Training at The Firm? Small Group PT is one of the best ways to get a workout in. You have the motivation of a group fitness class, with the guidance and expertise of your own personal trainer. Our small groups are a game changer in terms of your fitness, AND you get a badass group of friends. Meet our badasses of the week this week, Somer’s small group! This small group not only crushes it in the early mornings together, the have become like family! Read their interviews below to find out more!

1/ What was your favorite way to move as a kid?

Jonee:  As a young kid I just liked any type of outdoor play, riding my bike in the neighborhood, skating on the pond, and jumping on our trampoline. For organized sports I got into tennis, gymnastics and weight lifting. I also wore out the Cindy Crawford and Denise Austin workout VHS tapes in my basement.

Kim: I think I was always a big climber as a kid- trees, jungle gyms, stuff like that. Maybe because I was always small? Never running, ha!

2/ What brought you to small group personal training at The Firm?

Rachel: – I always wanted to “be strong and lift heavy weights” but I didn’t (and still don’t) exactly know my way around the the weight room. I knew the only way to get out of my comfort zone and be motivated to stick with it was with a small group. Somer is so attentive to our form and personal needs that I totally trust her to guide me with movement, and the small group keeps me motivated to show up! The hour is as much fun as it is hard work and this group of people have become great friends of mine.

Britney: I was taking a cycle class after a tough day at work and wanted nothing more than to unplug and sweat it all out. Then, a sub walked in and I thought “GREAT, who’s this chick?” Ha! Well, I found out just how smart, fun, and kick a** she was. I introduced myself after class, emailed the next day to inquire about strength training with Somer, and it’s been a jolly handstand, kettle bell, and pistol squattin, good time every since.

Sandy:  My brother, Dave, had done Firm Fit with Somer and really enjoyed her small group. He told me I should start coming to it when I started working out in the morning more. I loved it right away. Some how she gets us all to work our whole body really hard, but always makes it feel like play time. And with this group it is early morning recess! I am the old lady of the group, but they never make me feel that way. Somer always helps me scale the work out to what I can do. I find the group motivating, trying to keep up with the others, but always feeling encouraged by the group.

3/ You have quite an epic crew of folks in your group, led our amazing trainer Somer, what inspires you about your early morning crew?

Jonee:  Our crew is the BEST, as I learned more about everyone personally, I’ve been so inspired by their life accomplishments, and their dedication to bettering themselves in and out of the gym. Each person shows up and works hard, which is motivating in itself, but when you grow to like and care about these people you also start showing up because you want to see your friends, in addition to get a great workout. And of course, Somer’s energy is contagious, she’s always fun, positive, and encouraging.

Kim: What inspires me about our morning crew is definitely the camaraderie. I see those crazy kids on a regular basis more than most of my “other” friends which makes us feel like a family and it means we know – and have gotten through – each other’s ups and downs over the weeks, months, years. I love that. And we always push each other (or collectively try to convince Somer to go to breakfast instead of work out- it actually worked once!) and laugh. Nothing brightens an early workout like Richard’s laugh.

4/ What do you want everyone to know about The Firm?

Rachel: It doesn’t matter where you are in your health and fitness journey there is truly something for everyone! From your first visit to your millionth visit, the staff will welcome you with open arms and be glad you are here. I have made some of my best friends at The Firm, and it is truly my happy place!

Britney: The community at the firm is a culture that is driven to move out of self-care and overall health. We’re a strong squad and we have a ton fun along the way. Laugh attacks make for a great core workout ; )

Sandy: I love this place. The Firm is the place where everybody knows your name. Most people meet others they enjoy sharing the work out experience with, either in classes or small groups. The workouts are always demanding, but also fun. The trainers will meet you where ever you are in your level of fitness and help you grow and build from there. It has become one of the core communities in my life.

Come check out what the hype is about! If you’re interested in small group personal training shoot an email to! HUGE thank you and congrats to this badass crew- you inspire us daily! Keep it up!



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