Mother’s Day Part 2: Chris and Lauren!

We’re still celebrating Mother’s Day over here at The Firm! Meet Chris and Lauren, an incredibly inspiring mother-daughter duo! You’ve probably seen them crushing workouts together over here at The Firm! Check out their full interview below!

*They say being a mom is the most important job you’ll have, what have you learned from being a mom?

Chris: Wow, I feel like I’m always learning as my daughters have grown and matured. They have been my teachers of what it feels like to love so much that your heart might burst. They have taught me the joy of being in the present moment enjoying the simple things we get to do together; whether we’re watching a movie, playing a game or simply noticing the sunset. To become fully engaged in building a sand castle knowing that it will disappear when the water washes over it, or the free feeling of swinging on a swing set and jumping off at the highest point. I’ve loved being able to be a kid again 🙂

I have learned that no 2 children are alike. They each have their own special gifts and my job is to help them see themselves as gifts and encourage them to shine. I hope I never stop learning from them.

*What is the greatest lesson you have learned from our mom?

Lauren: Take time for yourself! Do something that you love, makes you happy, and that’s just for you. Some days that’s going to the gym, meeting up with a friend, or stopping at a store that you love. Mom’s live busy lives, but when they take that time for themselves, they always comes home with renewed energy and love. 

*We all know and love Lauren, what inspires YOU about your daughter?

Chris: OMG! She has always been wise beyond her age. Her inner strength, determination and focus has always pushed her to go above and beyond. Her commitment to taking care of herself in choosing a healthy lifestyle is an inspiration to others. While vacationing in Yosemite, she chose one of the more difficult hiking trails and conquered it! That’s my girl!

* What is one thing that inspires YOU about your mom?


Lauren: She inspires me to “do all things with love.” It’s a saying that I read on a t-shirt once, and didn’t realize how inspiring and relatable it was to my life. My mom is someone who is always thinking about other people in loving ways. Whether its teaching me how to say what I really feel in a loving way when I’m mad. Or coming home from the grocery store with kiwi’s, not because I asked, but because she knows I eat one every day and they’re almost gone. Or even scraping ice off of my car in the middle of the winter, just because! She has a way of putting love into everything she does and that, to me, is inspirational. 


* What wisdom can you pass on to new mothers about how to be a good mom, AND take care of yourself?

Chris: To surround yourself with mother’s who you admire and respect! I found that I had to carve out time doing the things that re-energized me. That way, I had something to give back. I always tried to include my daughters in doing the things that I was passionate about and supporting them in discovering what their passions are.

*What is one thing you say out loud and immediately realize it’s a MOM-ism?

Lauren: My mom inherited her MOM-ism from my grandma! Those two seem to have a way of mispronouncing words in the goofiest ways sometimes. Whether it’s town names like Mariposa (or Mari-sopa as my family calls it) or Chipotle (also known as Chi-pa-tle). I’m sure I’ll start doing it one day too. 

*If you could do anything together with your family what would it be?

Chris: We love being out in nature! Whether it’s camping, hiking, kayaking or boating on Lake Minnetonka, we love all the adventures of being outdoors! Come on Summer!

* If you could do anything together with your family what would it be?

Lauren: If my family (including the dog of course) could do anything together, it would be either camping or boating. Just get us some woods or water and we are one happy family! 

We LOVE you Chris and Lauren! Thank you for inspiring us everyday!


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