#thefirmtribe’s Badass of The Week: Kristin Regnier!

If you’ve ever been into The Firm, odds are you know and LOVE this Badass Of The Week! Everyday we are SO grateful to have Kristin Regnier (AKA Kiki!) in our FIRM Family! Coming up THIS Saturday 8/4 Kiki is one of the instructors who will be leading the APT portion of our Summer Smackdown Triathlon. Summer Smackdown is totally free triathlon with 30 minutes of Yoga, 30 minutes of Cycle, and 30 minutes of APT. Read Kiki’s interview below!

1/  How long have you worked at The Firm?

K: I have been working at The Firm since December of 1992.

2/ What makes you feel brave?

K: That’s a tough question because it’s hardly ever the same reason. I feel brave when I can help others. When I try something new. When I am at work and a situation arises that needs attention even though it might be a huge challenge I won’t run from it. When I make changes in my life that improve my and my family’s overall livelihood, this is probably when I feel the most brave because I didn’t run from it.

3/ What makes you feel grateful?

A: So many things! My Kids and Dog, Family, Friends, My Job, My mind and body being able to think and move(it’s nothing to take for granted!), knowing when I am happy and recognizing when I need to figure out some changes in my life to get back to feeling happy/content/grateful etc.

4/ How do you show people that you care?

K: I buy them cars. Just kidding, I wish that I could do something like that. Seriously, I try to treat people the way that I want and usually am treated. With kindness, respect, humility, humor, honesty, listening, taking the time to talk. We all know that in our busy lives, sometimes that last one can be the hardest. It’s great when you can shut it all down and just be there for somebody.

5/  What’s one thing that you want people to know about Summer Smackdown?

K:  That it is unbelievable fun!! The event is so inclusive, exciting, wonderfully organized. It’s open to everybody it allows clients to bring friends/family. For people who have never been to The Firm to experience what our gym is all about: working out like it’s an event, being part of a community, challenging yourself physically but not competitively walking away feeling great and excited to come back and do it again. And, it’s free!!
To give credit where credit is due, Summer Smackdown could not happen and the magnitude that it does without the amazing organization by our GM Susan Rowland!

See you at Summer Smackdown!

We LOVE you Kiki, and can’t wait to see you shine at our Summer Smackdown! Interested in attending? There are LIMITED spots available this will sell out soon. Click here to secure your spot, click here for more event info!



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