#thefirmtribe’s Badass Of The Week: Frances Owusu

Everyday we open our doors and are inspired by that amazing people who walk through them. One of those people is Frances Owusu! Frances is one of the kindest people you will meet, who is the ultimate badass up in the yoga studio plus she’s got a smile that shines for days. Get to know to know Frances (and find out why we all love her….) below!

1. What was your favorite way to move as a kid?

Frances: I was a pretty lazy kid. Thankfully, my parents made me play sports every season – soccer in the summer and fall, basketball in winter, track and field in the spring.

2. What landed you in Minneapolis?

Frances: I grew up in Minnesota, and after exploring my options outside the state, settled in St. Paul and work in Minneapolis.

3. What brought you to The Firm for the first time, and what was that visit like?

Frances: KNOCK inc., the agency I work for, is a few blocks up Glenwood from The Firm. After hearing about The Firm through KNOCK, I finally visited a couple of years ago and was immediately in love. I visited for yoga, and I can still remember thinking it was my dream studio – it was lit with candles and smelled like Aveda!

4. What keeps you coming back to us over here on 2nd ave, and how has that affected your daily life?

Frances: The Firm is my ideal place to practice yoga. The studio is gorgeous and the teachers are brilliant, creative, and challenging (in a good way!). My practice at The Firm has become such an integral part of my life that I feel off when I miss a single session.

5. What is one thing you want everyone to know about The Firm?

Frances: Can I cheat and list two things? First, the classes at The Firm live up to the hype. They truly are an experience – the instructors are world-class, the music is always great, the studios are inspiring – I could go on and on. And second, The Firm is welcoming to everyone. All levels of fitness will find what they need there, and will always be greeted by name with genuine excitement as soon as they arrive.

Frances, we LOVE you! Thanks for being a part of our Firm Family! ❤



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