Introducing our New Director of Personal Training: Somer Kvale!

We’re thrilled to announce Somer Kvale as our new Director of Personal Training. Somer has been with The Firm for over twenty years and you can find her training individuals, small groups, Firm FIT as well as teaching jam-packed classes in the cycle boutique!
“I am excited to be one of the moving pieces on a team of like-minded people. People who are interested in stepping up to and taking on new challenges and also people who are interested in working with their team in hopes of further creating an environment that begets inspiration and joy.

My life purpose is to help people live their fullest lives. Work is such an integral part of our existence and so many people are unfulfilled in their jobs, and my hope is to bring inspiration to the training boutique.”

– Somer

Have you been interested in small group or personal training? Now’s your chance to connect with Somer and the rest of the PT team to learn more about the Firm’s training options.                               Learn more. 

ONE-ON-ONE $75 – $100
DUO $45 – $65
SMALL GROUP $40/person
24 SESSION PACK $5 discount per session
*Pricing is trainer-specific
• Battle Ropes                                                                                 • KettleBell
• Boxing                                                                                           •Olympic Weightlifting
• Calisthenics                                                                                 • Gymnastics                                                • Cycle Power Analysis (WATT Training)                             • TABATA
• Functional Movement Training                                              • TRX
• Heart Rate Monitoring Cardio                                                • Yoga Coaching
• High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT)                                • Yoga Swing Training

You can catch Somer teaching Cycle 60 on Mondays and Wednesdays at 6:15pm and Cycle 45 on Fridays at 12:15pm. Sign-up below to reserve your spot in one of her next classes!

Sign up for Somer’s Cycle 

We LOVE you Somer and are so excited to see you thrive as Director of PT!


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