What is a DEXA scan? DEXA stands for duel energy x-ray absorptiometry. It is an imaging technique that evaluates the amount of fat and skeletal muscle throughout the body. It also computes bone mineral density. Watch Matt Lauer get a DEXA Scan on The Today Show. Why DEXA scanning? BMI has historically been used for […]

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The Firm Yoga Boutique.

Welcome to The Firm We make working out an event Driven by Pride, Passion and Love Building community one name at a time Welcome to The Firm Yoga Boutique! We welcome Yogis of all levels, shapes and sizes. If you are new to yoga, do not be afraid, we will ease you into terms and […]

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Firm Factor

WHAT IS FIRM FACTOR? We have the formula. You keep score. Have you eve finished a workout and wondered “How many calories did I burn?” or “I wonder what my heart rate was?” Well wonder no more. Firm Factorâ„¢ technology will be used in the Athletic Performance Training (APT) classes, and some of the Cycle […]

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